Holy Mother Teresa

VINAYAKA / BHELUPUR, VARANASI, 9838982726, hmtcsvns@gmail.com
Important Notice
Dear Parents, we are pleased to inform you that, in our constant effort to fill the communication distance between you and us, we have launched an online mobile application for oursleves. This app will provide you with the real time updates from us. You will be kept informed about all the activities and performances of your wards.
You can use this app to receive quick communication from the school, check attendance of your wards, check whether your wards are doing their homeworks, download homeworks for your wards and many more things on daily basis.
Instruction for use
You have to simply click the "Download" button and then install it on your mobile. Afer installation is complete, open the app and key in your mobile number registered with the school. Now you are good to go !